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Britt-Marie was here ****

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It really is poor taste to be found dead only because of the smell. That is why 63 year old Britt-Marie, who just left her cheating husband, is getting a job. Because if you have  job, people will miss you if you do not show up for work – and if you are dead, you will be found before the smell gets to bad.

This is my second book by Fredrik Bachman (the first one being A man called Ove), and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

Britt-Marie ends up in the small town of Borg – and the town newer knew what hit it. Britt-Marie has very specific rules for life and how cultivated people should do things (how can you respect a person with the wrong order in their utensils draw), and at first she is not really a likable person.

Britt-Maries serious lack of social skills puts her in the most hilarious situations and the generation gap between her and the teenagers of Borg makes for laugh out loud funny reading.

Although the book is mostly funny, it also contains a lot of depth as Britt-Marie and Borg grows together.  Never did Britt-Marie suspect that her going to Borg would be the start of a life changing journey, where she discovers that she is so much more than Kents wife – that she is a value in herself.

It is about never giving up, never being to old to find love and bonding with a rat (you need Snickers for that).

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