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The Morganville Vampires ****

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Hello fellow fantasy lovers 🙂

I know that The Morganville Vampires is not the newest serie, but some how I never got to read them until now – and I am hooked!

Just finished the fourth book (Feast of Fools) today, and I can not wait to get my hands on Lords of Misrule.

The series is about a young girl, Claire, a brilliant college freshman who has a lot of trouble with the popular girls in her dorm, and decides to move off-campus. Little does she know, that the town of Morganville has its secrets – and that her new living arrangement puts her right in the middle of them.

This is a classic YA paranormal fiction series, and has all you could possible need: The hot guys, the vampires, the parents that never understands and a lot of action.

The publisher’s suggestion is age 12-13, but do not let that fool you – it can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Morganville Vampires series is written by Rachel Caine, and it consist of 15 novels – several of those have made The New York Times bestseller list. Besides the novels there is also a lot of short stories.

Happy reading 🙂

“Welcome to Morganville. You’ll never want to leave. And even if you do…well, you can’t. Sorry about that.”
Rachel Caine

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