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Think again *** (*)

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I was so lucky to recieve an ARC from Isabel Lucero of her latest book.

He thinks I don’t know.
He thinks he’s getting away with it.
He thinks karma won’t come back to get him.
He needs to think again.

Men think women are vindictive, and maybe they’re right. But when we get to the point of being cold, calculating, and vindictive, it’s because they pushed us there.
Not only is my husband unaware that he’s pushing me too far, he also doesn’t realize that I just met a man who’s ready to catch me.

I think he’s just my new co-worker.
I think it’s just innocent flirting.
I think I’ll be able to keep my morals.
I need to think again. (Goodreads).

This is not the kind of book that I normally read, so at first I found it hard to get into the book. But as the pages kept turning (and they did), the very well written characters grew on me, and I just adored Aria and Chris.

Aria is married to Aaron, who is a cheating prick and only seems to keep Aria around for convenience. This is the only reason Aria reacts as she does when the new doctor Chris comes to town – here is a man who loves the same tings she does, who treats her the way every woman should be treated and opens her eyes to a different future. (Oh – and he is gorgeous too 🙂

Chris gives Aria the strength to stand up for her self and the confidence to shout out her husband.

The book is sweet, cute and sometimes downright steamy with very well written dialog full of humor and sexual tension. In parts I found the sexual innuendos to be a little to much, but if you normally like this kind of book, you will probably love it.

I think I will look for more books by Isabel Lucero in the future.

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